Paragon is a software product developed for advanced analytics and large amounts of streaming data. Paragon can absorb many different streaming data sources and data types.


Paragon is fully automated. It runs on AWS in Docker containers. Paragon can be used to monitor commercial and industrial sites such as airports and plants for activity such as earthquakes and severe weather.


Results are sent as Alerts and can be sent out in a variety of formats: RSS, email, SMS, GoogleEarth live KML, or JSON messages over Kafka and ActiveMQ.

OAS – On-Access Scan

OAS (On-Access Scan) shows malware detection flow during On-Access Scan, i.e. when objects are accessed during open, copy, run or save operations.

ODS – On-Demand Scan

ODS (On Demand Scanner) shows malware detection flow during On-Demand Scan, when the user manually selects the ’Scan for viruses’ option in the context menu.

MAV – Mail Anti Virus

MAV (Mail Anti-Virus) shows malware detection flow during Mail Anti-Virus scan when new objects appear in an email application (Outlook, The Bat, Thunderbird). The MAV scans incoming messages and calls OAS when saving attachments to a disk.

WAV – Web Anti-Virus

WAV (Web Anti-Virus) shows malware detection flow during Web Anti-Virus scan when the html page of a website opens or a file is downloads. It checks the ports specified in the Web Anti-Virus settings.

IDS – Intrusion Detection Scan

IDS (Intrusion Detection System) shows network attacks detection flow.

VUL – Vulnerability Scan

VUL (Vulnerability Scan) shows vulnerability detection flow.

KAS – Kaspersky Anti-Spam

KAS (Kaspersky Anti-Spam) shows suspicious and unwanted email traffic discovered by Kaspersky’s Reputation Filtering technology.

BAD – Botnet Activity Detection

BAD (Botnet Activity Detection) shows statistics on identified IP-addresses of DDoS-attacks victims and botnet C&C servers. These statistics were acquired with the help of the DDoS Intelligence system (part of the solution Kaspersky DDoS Protection).

RMW – Ransomware

RMW (Ransomware) shows ransomware detection flow.


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